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We can use photographs but please send us the original photo. We will return all photo's back to you...
Do not send us a photo that has been scanned and printed on a home computer. It will result in a low quality picture.
We can crop your photo but we are not always able to crop out all of the "stuff" in the background.
If you wish to have a halter removed, a fence post taken out, manure taken off, etc. there is an additional charge. Please explain what you wish to have done. We will not alter an animal in any way.
If you are sending a photograph please don't write on it...write the information on a sticky note and place it on the back of the photo.

Emailing Digital Photos...
They will need to be .jpg's and you will need to know what the file size is. This will be in KB or MB. There are 1,000,000 KB in a MB.
If your picture doesn't list it in your program you can right click on the photo and it will be under properties.
If you have high speed internet please limit the total attachment size to 5 MB. We can receive larger than that but you probably won't be able to send them.  If you have dial up internet limit the total attachment size to under 1 MB.
Make sure to send a separate email without attachments so we know to expect your pictures.  If we don't receive them we can contact you!
Email them to becky@showsteers.com

Drop Box...
The new digital cameras produce very large pictures that take a loooong time to send by email.
You can send them though our YouSendIt account.  It's fast and easy to use.

Mailing Digital Photos...
You can write large file photos to a CD and mail them to us. Make sure you keep the originals!
Priority mail works best if you use snail mail (United States Postal Service).
Mailing Address: Showsteers.com; 333 LeNeta Dr.; Whitesboro, TX 76273

Scanned Photos...
If you scan a photo they must be at least 150 dpi high quality scans no smaller than 800 pixels wide and saved as a jpg.

Naming Photos...
If you rename a photo do not use any symbols in the file name. Keep it short and each photo needs to have a different file name.
Otherwise it may overwrite another photo and that one will be lost.

Embedding or a Link?
Your site will look more professional if we embed your You Tube Videos into your web site.  Upload your videos to You Tube and send us a link to each video.  We will do the rest. $10/embedded video
We can place a link to your You Tube Videos on your site but you run the risk of people leaving your site and looking at your competitors  calves. $5/linked video

You can send us your text or copy in an email or letter.  We do not accept faxed copies.
It's up to you as to what you want on your web site. We will need the basic who, what, where, when & how information. You can always add more text at a later time.  We do not accept faxed copy.

Emailing Text...
You can email us the text in a message. If you attach pictures please identify each picture by file name or number and give us the information for each picture.

Mailing Text...
It can be typed or handwritten - if it is hand written please print clearly.

We can redesign your web site and give it a new updated look.  Please contact us for a quote.
Contact us early so we can schedule it.

While we don't have deadlines like the magazines.  We do get very busy in the summer and fall so we ask you to get your pictures & information in early.   If you haven't gotten your ducks in a row and need us to stop everything we are doing to get your site updated immediately, there will be a rush fee.  It will have to be paid for by credit card.  Usually we don't charge for quick updates but we don't want to make the customer who sent their stuff in early wait because someone else didn't plan.


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