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FSF Farrer Out

FSF Bearcat x FSF Valley Rose 117
This intensely linebred son will be sure to inject muscle, stoutness, and moderation into his offspring!
Semen $30/Unit from Major Distributors and Owners.
Owned with Showmax Cattle Co.

FSF Near Perfect

FSF Bearcat x FSF Madeline Rose 247 by FSF Starburst
Semen $30
Owned with Stan Clamme, IN

FSF Starquest

 Monopoly x FSF Sierra's Rose 290 (FSF Starburst's sister)
Owned with TM Farms, TX

FSF King of Men

MAB x FSF Valley Rose 117
 THF PHAF - Shorthorn Plus
Owned with 4R Farms
Semen $30

FSF Hear Me Now

FSF Starburst x NPS Outrageous
 THF PHAF DSF -  Purebred Shorthorn
Owned with the Craig Henderson Family
Semen $40


Monopoly x FSF Dede's Flo (Full Flush x DeBull)
TH and PHA Free

FSF Snowburst

FSF Stardust x Jake's Sierra
TH and PHA Free
An outstanding full brother to the Deceased FSF Starburst!

Co-Owned with Denny Everson
Clones to the almighty FSF Starburst!

We unfortunately lost FSF Starburst at a young age and we knew the legacy had to be continued!
Semen $30 from owners and major distributors. 
Owned with 4R Farms!

FSF Assassin

Asset x FSF 2149 (Taylor Made x Legend)
TH and  PHA Free
Owned with Haring Farms, IN

FSF Starburst
 - Deceased

FSF Stardust x Sierra (Proud Leader)
TH and PHA Free
Semen $50 available at Top Sires, ABS Global, SEK Genetics, GeneSource and owners
Co-Owned with Mark Copus

FSF War Paint

FSF Starburst x FSF Madeline Rose
(Taylor Made x Outrageious)
BW: 90 lbs
TH and PHA Free
Semen: $25
Semen available thru SEK and owners
Owned with 4R Farms

FSF Old School

PB Angus
OCC Unbeatable x OCC Eureka
BW: 70 lbs
Semen: $25
Co-Owned with Matt Maxwell

FSF Bearcat

Proud Jazz x FSF 2149
(Taylor Made x Legend)

Owned with Caldwell Show Cattle
and Travis & Adrienne Platt
Semen available thru SEK Genetics,
GeneSource, and owners
Semen $30

FSF Powerline

FSF Hardline x 4117 (Taylor Made)
Owned with Double J Farms, WV

OCC Unbeatable
- Deceased

OCC Paxton x OCC Emblazon x DHD Traveler 6807
Reg Num- AAA +16293976
Proud Star- Registration number 4149382

Owned by: Ohlde Cattle Company, Matt Maxwell,
& Farrer Stock Farms

Proud Star
- Deceased

Jake's Proud Leader 243H x Jake's Jazz 250
Full Brother to the late Jake's Proud Jazz
Owned with Noah Forni, OH
Sold to Jerry Gerstner

FSF Hardline
- Deceased

Hardcore x Donor 2149 TH and PHA FREE!!
Maternal sib to FSF Stardust. One of the most exciting bull prospects ever born at FSF.
Semen Available from SEK, Great Lakes and Farrer.
His first calves are awesome!
We recently sold a top prospect for $7500 to Kennedy Bros., Quanah, TX and John Sullivan sold Hardline embryos in Kansas City for $2350.

FSF Graphite - Deceased

Friction x FSF Proud Ruby 955.

Owned with Alvin Lily, IN

FSF Stardust
- Deceased
Semen still available for $25

Vegas x Our stoutest, thickest made Shorthorn donor 2149.
Promises great matings to almost anything!!
TH and PHA negative.
Sire of Wagonhammer's top selling heifer calf!

Owned with Jerry & Shannon Gerstner and H & S Enterprises.

NPS Outrageous
- Deceased

2003 Grand Champion Progress Steer
West Texas State Fair
2003 Grand Champion Steer NAILE Shorthorn Futurity
2003 Res. Grand Champion Feeder Steer
Western Jr. - Rapid City, SD
Semen Available through Owners only





FSF 234 - FSF Custom Queen

FSF Hardline x FSF 4117
 This dominating female has a bright future.
She was t Lot 1 in a past sale.
  Selling 1/2 interest to TM Farms.

FSF 443

Solid Gold x Jake's Sierra  This impressive cow is out of Starburst's mother, we expect big things in this young donor!

261- FSF Kendalyn 261

FSF Hardline x FSF Kristen 701
 Impressive beast that continues to impress with her offspring. 

FSF Boppy

Man Among Boys x FSF Valley Rose 117
Full sister to FSF King of Men
Young donor that made it the donor pen early!

FSF Madeline Rose 247

FSF Starburst x FSF Madeline Rose
1/2 interest sold in a past Sale of Stars Sale to Stan Clamme, IN
The mother of FSF Near Perfect.

Jake's X-Claim 242

Jake's Touch of Jazz x Jake's Proud Jazz. THF PHAF.
Mother of the Reserve Grand British Steer at the 2015 State Fair of Texas for Reagan Langemeier

FSF She's Smoke

THF PHAF  Spike x Hairy Bear x Apollo

Brookwood Mia

Purebred Angus
SAV Iron
Mountain x TC Freedom 104

HL 912

HL Butterbean x HL Brek
The mother of Little Like Me! She was the pick of Brandon's fine herd and is one unique specimen.

FSF Dedes Flo 350

Monopoly x Full Flush THF/PHAF
This young donor has a bright future.

Irish Jewel

Irish Whiskey x Angus
This outstanding Mainetainer has a
bright future here at FSF.   
Owned with Jerry Hendress, IN

FSF Sierra Rose 290

FSF Stardust x Jake's Sierra.
This genetic masterpiece is the full sister to FSF Starburst.  She just calved and has a beautiful udder and strong maternal traits in a club calf package. 

FSF Trixie 200

Star Power x Heat Wve
Look for calves by Set Me Free, Born Free,
and Good As Gold in 2015! 

OCC Karen 678R

OCC Eureka x OCC Emblazon
This purebred Angus cow hails from the great Ohlde Ranch.  She is the mother of FSF Old School and will have progeny by OCC Unbeatable in 2015!
Owned with Matt Maxwell,IN

FSF Valley Rose 117

Proud Jazz x 2149 (Taylor Made x Legend)
This maternal sister to Hardline and Stardust proves that cattle can be THF/PHAF and still be the very best. 

FSF Lexi

Monopoly Money x Maine/Angus
This upcoming Donor has a bright future! FSF Starburst and FSF Proud Stars have us excited for 2015!

FSF Cherry's Pride 024

Proud Jazz x Outrageous
First calf sold for $4600 out of Milkman. Her Solid Gold calf born this fall is one of the best we have ever raised.
Owned with Turner Shorthorns, OH

FSF Proud Ruby 955

Jake's Proud Jazz x 6151 (Taylor Made x Legend) THC/PHAF Purebred Shorthorn

FSF Custom Miss

Taylor Made x Maine/Angus

FSF Kristen 701

Johnny Walker Red x Draft Pick

Jake's Sierra

Proud Jazz x Coronet Leader 21st
THF/PHAF Purebred Shorthorn
Owned with Turner Shorthorns, OH

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