Pictures 7/21/17 Willers Mitten Brand Show Cattle NE
Updated 7/15/17 Jepsen Show Calves IA Sept. 4, 2017 Private Treaty Bid Sale
Pictures 7/13/17 DLV Show Cattle & Stafford Cattle Co. NE Sept. 12, 2017 Private Treaty Bid Sale
Picture 7/6/17 Goertzen Show Calves NE Sept. 14, 2017 Online Sale
Picture 7/5/17 Hinners Show Cattle IA Sept. 4, 2017 Private Treaty Bid Sale
Pictures 7/2/17 Lock Cattle IA Sept. 19, 2017 Online Sale
Picture 6/30/17 Sullivan Ranch TX Sept. 5, 2017 Online Sale - IA
Pictures & Videos 6/27/17 Detherage Show Steers OK June 29, 2017 Fall Calving Female Online Sale
Updated 6/27/17 Lay Farms Show Calves NE Sept. 10, 2017 Online Sale
Updated 6/26/17 The Hill Indiana IN Sept. 10, 2017 Private Treaty Bid Sale
Updated 6/24/17 Wedig Club Calves WI Sept. 17, 2017 Online Sales

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