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bullet"It's All In The Genes"  & "Cowboy Genetics"
Articles by Dr. Lana Kaiser on TH & PHA
Reprinted with permission from the Maine Anjou Voice
(Pictures of both TH & PHA Calves)

bullet Tibial Hemimelia (TH):
Tibial Hemimelia (TH) Carriers in Shorthorn Cattle

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ASA Genetic Defect Protocol

New ASA DNA Procedures
TH Free Sire list on

     Tibial Hemimelia Article
     University of Nebraska's Cattle Congenital Disease Program

     TH = Tibial Hemimelia

Pictures of 3 TH Calves (quite graphic)

     Matings with bulls that are documented TH carriers will result in one of three outcomes:
     1. The calf will be born TH-free; neither afflicted nor a carrier.
         The down side is there is currently no test  that distinguishes this outcome from #2.
     2. The calf will be physically fine, but a TH carrier.
     3. The calf will be afflicted with the characteristics described below.
         TH manifests as:
         1. lesions included bilaterally malformed or absent tibia and abdominal hernia in all animals
         2. a long shaggy hair coat
         3. retained testicles in males
         4. meningocele, which are protrusions of the coverings of the spinal cord or brain.

     Cloning: Something to consider?

     Thanks to Dr. Don Coover, DVM,  for submitting this article:

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