Thank you to Dr. Lana Kaiser and the Maine Anjou Voice for providing this article.

Part 1 - It's All In The Genes

In regards to the PHA calf in this article, described as sired by a purebred Maine bull out of a registered Chianina cow. This information was obtained by the author from the ACA registration papers. Mr. Miller confirmed to me that the ACA registered and recorded this cow as a registered Chianina, and that she had an ACA paper with a Chianina heading. However, under current ACA registration rules he stated that the ACA should have issued this cow Chimaine registration papers, not Chianina registration papers. He further stated that the error in her registration papers was not caught by the ACA until now.

The cow in question is out of an unregistered Angus x Simmie dam. Her sire is registered by the ACA as a 1CM. He traces to (the Maine bull) Stinger through his sire. This composite cow is 6.25% Chi, 56.25% Angus, 12.5% Maine and 25% other. If you have any questions about the cow you can contact Ed Miller at the ACA.
Thank you,
Dr. Lana Kaiser