Ty Williams Annual Pasture Bid Off Sale
January 11, 2015 - Bids Close at Dark
Pictures Taken in November
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Tag 86 Polar Express Steer
Tag 14 Polar Express Heifer
Tag 84 Polar Express Steer
Tag 11 BIM Steer

Tag 41 Believe In Me Heifer
Tag 97 Lovin The Business Steer
Tag 40 Big Poppy Steer

Tag 57 Big Poppy Heifer

Tag 68 Lovin the Business Heifer
Tag 46 Heff Heifer
Tag 7 MAB Steer

Tag 80 Lovin the Business Heifer

Tag 92 Polar Express Heifer
Tag 13 Heff Steer
Tag 27 MAB Heifer

Tag 62 MAB Heifer

Tag B10  Lovin the Business Steer
Tag 21 Believe In Me Steer