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S TORO 1811
We used this bull last year. A bull that would stand out in any breed.
 Huge rib with muscle and bone. Two great Canadian sires on his mothers side (Gus 80c and 89e)

S TORO 2841
BW 1.8    WW 17.3    YW 25.2    MLK 2.0
Photo says it all, one of our best ever, the LUSTER cow family
 is consist for producing power and style with perfect udders

S TORO 2829
BW 1.5    WW 14.9    YW 22.5    MLK 0.5
A real top bull that will resemble 1821 down the road.
Backed by another great cow family

S TORO 2826
BW 0.4   WW 12.9   YW 20.8   Milk 1.9
He was our lightest bull calf at 75 lbs but was
one of the top two heaviest at weaning!
This double bred Toro is long bodied, thick, and soft sided.

S TORO 1821
Here is a calving ease candidate that will also give you performance. Extremely long spine with power and look.
 He and his 3 full sibs are in the top 2 every year
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