Our Donor Lineup

Elegant Whiskey (Irish Whiskey x 11-T)
Owned with Elegant Show Cattle

Monopoly x 11-T
Owned with Elgant Show Cattle & Laird Farms

205W - Chopper x 3C Macho/Angus
3/4 Smmental

Womanizer (Hereofrd)
Owned with Elegant Show Cattle & Laird Famrs

Dr. Who x 138M
Owned with Matt McCulley & Laird Farms
Our Offerring in the 2nd Annual Female Production Sale
December 6, 2014 - 1:00 PM
Muskingum Livestock - Zanesville, OH

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Tim Shegog
2635 Meadow Road
Cambridge, OH 43725