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     Angus Sires

PVF ALL Pay Day 729
SAV Payroll 5281 x PVF Blackbird 201
BD: 2/1/2007

Adcock Land & Livestock

SAV Brilliance
SAV Bismark 5682 x SAV Blackcap May 5270
Registered 16107774
Adcock Land and Livestock

LaGrand MAF Antidote 5775
G13 Structure x Maple Lane Forever Lady 277
DOB: 12/11/05
Owned by
Mogck Angus & Show Cattle SD

Black Ice
BT Crossover x (Lucy Boy x Oscar 711)
DOB: 3/2/07
Stream Cattle Company IA 

DUFF Outlook 472 x OCC Headliner 317K
Owners: Apex Show Cattle NE

FSF Legit
OCC Legend x Ambush/Forever and Ever
Purebred Angus
Farrer Stock Farms

Leroy Brown
Heat Wave x Full Charge/Payback
DOB: March 2006
Lautner Farms

SAV New Year 5320
Boyd New Day 8005 x SAV Madame Pride 1093
DOB 3/7/2005
Adcock Land & Livestock

SAV Payroll 5281
SAV 8180 Traveler 004 x SAV Bessie Heiress 1184
DOB: 2/28/05
Adcock Land & Livestock



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