Labor Day Sale

Tag 13 Heifer
Here I Am x Juno (Angus)

Tag 36 Steer
Monopoly 7 x B49 Eye Candy/L42
(Dam is a full sib to Indiana State Fair Grand Champion)

 Tag 44 Steer
Monopoly 7 x Man Among Boys

Tag 49 Steer
Loaded for Bear x Chill Factor

Tag 54 Steer
In God We Trust x Z21 Flush/Chill Factor
(Full Sib to L42 - Dam of Kentucky Beef Expo and Indiana State Fair Grand Champion)

Tag  68 Black Brockle Steer
Monopoly 4 x Meyer/Chill Factor
Thank you to our customers
for making our sale a success for the last 31 years!!
Dennis & Donna Muller
 1848 Linden Road; Defiance, IA 51527
Dennis Home:712.748.7773
Dennis Cell: 712.579.1362
Tyler Muller Cell: 712.579.1968


We are conveniently located 10 miles north
of Harlan, IA on Highway 59
and one mile East on Highway F24.