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Burns Angus  Online Sale Oct. 10, 2015
Hosted by cwcattlesales
Lot 5 and bred to win like her famous sister and Dixie Erica cow family.

Silveira's Style x Hara's Dixie Erica 1 ( WAR Cowboy Up x Duff Dixie Erica 001)
Her dam is approaching $150,000 in sales this year alone and her sisters are going into the top homes in America.
This is the longest necked, hairiest, coolest made sister that shows great potentiial as a show winning bred. 
If you like her fall half sister the Crall family in Iowa is showing then bid to own this girl.
Sim Magic On Ice Vol. 5
Saturday January 18, 2014 - 6:30 PM MST

Lot 30 - 3 Grade 1 embryo's by MR HOC Broker.
Lot 30 A - 3 Grade 1 embryo's by WS Pilgrim H182U
We already have fall Broker x USA's on the ground they
 are baldies and exceptional, call today to purchase the live falls.
They will show extremely well in the Southwest and Southeast! 

 Lot 42 - 3 Grade 1 Broker embryo's.
Lot 42A - 3 Grade 1 WS Pilgrim's.  
Miss America is a can't miss for producing
Simmental females that win, are big volumed and breed on!
Friday, January 17, 2014 7:30pm MST

LOT 26- Selling 3 full sib embryo's to Irish Whiskey himself, never before offered to the public at auction!
Females have been as nice as bulls with this cross in our herd.
Griswold's South Dakota Dispersal

Hara Farm's HFM Free Whiskey x Chill Factor
Described by John Griswold as one of the best bred heifers he has ever sold!
Breeder: Thrasher/Ruff
High Quality semen on HFM Free Whiskey available now at Select Sires

WAG Hairietta x Mr HOC Broker - 1/2 Blood Foundation Simmental
Topped the sale and landed in a winning home that raises the best in Simmental genetics!

Congratulations Maddy Udell!!
Bred by Hara Farms 1/2 Blood Simmental by Broker
Denver Supreme Grand Percentage Simmental
and numerous major show

Bred by Hara Farms
1/2 Bood Simmental by Broker
Sullivan's Maternal Legends
Sunday October 20, 2013 at Noon CST - Dunlap IA
Leading the Angus Division and  Foundation Simmental Division
Lot 37  Hara's SULL DIxie Erica

Hara's Dixie Erica 09 x Dameron First Class PB Angus  National Quality Standout! Class, Femininity, Structure and Hair beyond compare.
Lot 66 Hara's SULL Princess 2A

Mr HOC Broker 1/2 blood Simmental
She glides when she walks
and has unmatched elegance.
Both heifers sold extremely well and are in top homes in America.  
We are PROUD to work with the TOP programs in AMERICA!
Oct. 12, 2013
 Online Sale
Cherry Knoll Erica 1312

Lot 1312 Silveira's Style x
Hara's Dixie Erica 1 (WAR Cowboy Up x Duff Dixie Erica 001)
World Class Style, Mass, Hair, Movement and Program

Maternal sib to Lot 1312
Sold for $30,000 sired by DJ Salute
Proof in how prepotent Cherry Knoll 1312's
dam has been.

Hara's Driver aka Answered Prayers
Hara's Dixie Erica 1 x Lut. Sold for $12,000 once again showing the preportency of his dam.

Lot 1315 Hara's Dixie Erica 09 x Dameron First Class
Impressive MASS, Muscle, Volume and Bone

Hara's Dixie Erica 09Grand overall 2010 Angus Eastern Regional and multiple major shows.
 Dam of Cherry Knoll Erica 1315. This is an amazing flush that 1315 is part of out of Dameron's First Class.

Hara's Dixie Erica 09
Coblentz Sale - Oxford Iowa - Sept. 15, 2013

LOT 27 Heat Wave x Irish Whiskey x Hairietta State Fair
Banner Hanger -His Dam produced
2013 Div 1 OH ST Fair Grand Fat Steer

Lot 4 1/2 blood Simmental by Steel Force
Lot 29  Heat Wave x Hara's Ali (Ali x Hairietta)
 Ask someone who has seen him, he is a Great One.

Lot 17 Sooner x Hara's Miss USA
Full sisters have sold for $20,000 and $25,000
Look for yourself in person, she dares to compare and more!

Lot 24 Monopoly x Irish Whiskey
Full sib to Surround Sound
You decide, Big Time feeders love him.

Lot 20 Silveira's Style x Hara's Dixie Erica
(Cowboy Up x Duff 001)
Purebred Angus heifer. Massive,
Sound and impecable pedigree
See her maternal sib Answered Prayers on our Sire Page

Hara Farms - Brookville, OH
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